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Careslessness by Children's Parents!

A spring of truth shall flow from it: like a new star it shall scatter the darkness of ignorance, and cause a light heretofore unknown to shine amongst men.

�Andrio Domeco�
My gosh, I'm so tired of dealing with some of these irresponsible parents who don't know how to be at their stop in time to get their pre-k kid off the bus. I got to this one kid's stop early today because I didn't have all my pre-k kids on the midday run that I was subbing, so I pulled over to the curb and waited 5 minutes after the stop time, beeped and beeped, and beeped the horn. No one came out. I Called the school from my personal cellphone (we don't have radios. We use our cellphones when pulled over) since I didn't have a contact number of the parents and told them what was going on. The school told me to hold on while they try to contact the parents. They called but they couldn't get ahold of anyone. The school told me to complete the PM part of the pre-k run and then go back to the stop, in which I had to pick up a pre-k kid at a later time at the same stop. So I left the stop and had my 40 minute layover before beginning the PM part of the pre-k run. About 10 minutes into my layover, the mother called my personal cellphone hollering at me me asking why her kid was still on my bus. I told her, "Your kid is still on my bus because you weren't at the stop to get your kid off the bus. I was at your stop and beeped the horn and no one came out. Even the school tried to call you to no avail." Her answer was, "I was looking out the window!" I told her, "Well, if you were really looking out the window you would have seen my big yellow bus and heard me beeping my horn and you would have answered the phone when the school tried to call you!" I did wind up taking the kid back to his stop before beginning the PM pre-k part of the run. Just last week I was subbing a different run and the parents weren't there to get their pre-k kid off the bus. She was crying because no one was there for her. We wound up keeping the kid on the bus while we completed rest of the run while the school tried to contact the parents. 50 minutes later we returned to the school and the school still weren't able to get ahold of the parents. This is so irresponsible and child neglect. Man this makes me angry. Some of these parents think we are baby sitters. Some people shouldn't have kids.
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