School Bus Awards 2022

Instructions for filling the form

  1. Forms to be filled in English.
  2. Participant can send multiple application forms for same category or separate categories provided as it is for a different initiative. If multiple entry forms are received for same initiative then only one form will be considered and others will be disqualified.
  3. All questions are mandatory and must be answered. Incomplete forms may not be considered.
  4. Once complete, if sending by physical paper then application form must be stamped with organisation stamp and signed by authorized signatory of the parcipant's organization.
  5. Please provide supporting documents wherever necessary.
  6. Please maintain one copy of the filled form with you for your records.
  7. In case of any queries related to the Application form or for participation of the awards please contact.
Contact Details:
Mr. Anil Garg : 9820100485, Email ID :
Last Date for Nominaon 15th March 2022
Nomination Categories
  1. Principal Caring Awards. [ 15 Numbers]
  2. Traffic Warden Safety Awards. [2 Numbers]
  3. Accident free school awards having buses more than 20. [3 Numbers]
  4. Accident free contractor awards. Experience more than 20 years[ 2 Numbers]
  5. Best Driver Awards. [5 Numbers]
  6. Heroism Awards. [Saved the children.] [2 Numbers]
  7. Caring Lady Attendant Award. Work more than 10 years in the same school. [2 Numbers]
  8. Empathetic Bus Manager Awards. [ Logistic, caring appreciated by school management & PTA with awards. [3 Numbers]
  9. Life Time Achievement. [ Principal / Transporter]. More than 20 years in the same school.[ 2 Numbers]
  10. Platinum Awards. [ Principal / Contractors.[ 2 Numbers]
  11. Educated Lady attendant. Above 12th std, worked in the school bus more than 6 years. [2 Numbers]
  12. All Round Awards.[ Best quality buses, welfare for staff ] [2 Numbers]
  13. Best Quality Service. [ Following all the government bus policy, GPRS, msg to parents, CCTV ] [ 3 Numbers]
  14. NGO for and against bus policy. [ 3 Numbers]

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