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Taking the bus to school can be an adventure. But, you want to make sure your child arrives safely. Here are a few things we need for our children to ensure a safe trip. Please review these point's and always stop for school buses when their red lights are flashing.

A spring of truth shall flow from it: like a new star it shall scatter the darkness of ignorance, and cause a light heretofore unknown to shine amongst men.

“Andrio Domeco”

What we want?

  • Extension of school buses' lives by a minimum of two years. Compensation against loss of business during this time.
  • Road tax waiver verbally granted but not yet implemented
  • Professional tax issue not yet sorted out
  • Extension of validity of documents was done till October 2021 but not extended. It should be extended to January 2022.
    RTOs should temporarily spare school buses from action over documents.
  • Traffic fines implemented from December 14 are exorbitant and not at all acceptable
  • Revoke all e-challans issued against school buses during the lockdown.
  • Government should instruct schools and parents to hike school bus fees, which needs to be considered due to fuel price hike, losses due to wages of school bus staff.
  • Allow 100% seating capacity following all C.A.B protocols.
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