About Us

Why We Exist Purpose

  1. Benefits to education institutions by means of providing transport solutions / facilities
  2. 2. Improvement & Development of Bus Operators / Owners
  3. To set a trend of professional Transport System
  4. To transact with RTO Traffic Police To Ministry regarding difficulties & problems faced by Bus Operators

Owners Objectives

  1. - 1. To promote the professional Transport System in Educational Institutions
  2. To terminate the services of Pvt. Operators eg. Auto, Sumo / Qualis, Tempo etc.
  3. Allotment of parking the Buses
  4. Harrasment by R.T.O and Traffic Officials
  5. Uniformity of the Bus Fees according to the ________
  6. 12 months bus fees schedule
  7. Increment of Bus Fees as per the fuel price hike (every year 10 % hike), Driver Wages, Insurance, Spare Parts, Taxes Etc.
  8. To facilitate the __________ in case of any breach of Contract / Agreement by School or Coporate or Competitor.