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7 Feb 2017, a day that will be remembered by us in our memories forever! We thank you for being a part of #RideOnTheSchoolBus, a grand event organized by SBOA. At the even Website of SBOA and Mobile Solutions that can be used by Schools were launched in presense of the Chief Guest Mrs Grace Pinto. All those who were involved in the mission of #SecuringKids were awarded by the chief guests & the dignitaries!. We take this opportunity to share with you App's that can be used by your institutions. More information can be found at http://sboa-india.org or http://vmszone.com

Apps launched at the Event - Powered by VMSZONE

"For more Info Please Visit : VMS Zone"


Students must bear their share of responsibility for safety while travelling in school buses. The privilege of any student to ride a school bus is conditioned upon their good behavior and observance of the rules and regulations set forth by the school and transport operator.

School Bus

The Transport Department sets the tone for the safe transportation of children. Clear and concise policy statements are made and adopted. The Transport Department will adhere to all the bus specifications and safety measures prescribed by the Regional and State Transport Authority.


Progress has been made in the improvement of safety and safety awareness in the transportation of students. However, one critical area that has not been explored to the fullest extent is the role responsibility of parents and guardians of the students. Safety awareness must begin and be consistently reinforced at home.

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